Purpose and Intended Use of the Athletic Taping Website

The purpose of the Athletic Taping website is to introduce athletic therapy and athletic training students to basic prophylactic and post-injury specific taping techniques commonly employed in the discipline. The target audience is undergraduate or graduate athletic therapy and training programs. There are two ways this purpose can be realized. Both mechanisms of use for this site require a professional athletic therapy or training educator to facilitate the learning process for undergraduate students.

The first mechanism for use of this site is for an athletic therapy or training educator to ADOPT this website as their primary or secondary source for their formally dedicated athletic therapy or training Athletic Taping Course. In this case, the instructor will be provided a complimentary desk copy and require their students to purchase at least a one year subscription to the website. Provided enough subscriptions are purchased, the instructor can use the videos for educational purposes to facilitate teaching athletic taping content.

The second mechanism for using this site is for an instructor teaching a weekend or short term course whereby they charge a fee that includes the cost of the Athletic Taping website as their resource and thus, in exchange for one fee they receive 10 subscription usernames and passwords that are good for one year from the time of purchase.

Again, the intent of this website is for educational purposes ONLY and should only be led by an expert athletic therapy or training specialist. It is not intended to be a stand-alone website without expert instruction to facilitate the appropriate use.