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Some of your Questions:

If your question is not listed here, feel free to Contact us with your question and we'll be glad to assist you.

Q. Is registration secure?

Don't worry. This form is 100% secure. Your private credit card data will never touch our servers.

Q. Is Paypal supported?

For various reasons, Paypal is not a supported option on this site currently. However, if, it turns out that Paypal is the only way for you to sign up, we will manually accept payments with this method at 1-year intervals. Contact us, if you'd like to arrange this.

We'll send you an invoice for a 1-year subscription. Once the Paypal funds have been received, your account will be setup right away.

Q. How much is a subscription, and what does it include?

Athletic Taping follows a subscription model. $30 a year gives you access to the entire catalog of videos, as well as all new content that is released.

Q. Are any of the videos free?

On occasion, we will release preview videos that are free to the public.